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Social Landlords: Housing Ombudsman new Complaints Handling Code for Registered Providers

April 2024

The Housing Ombudsman and the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO) have launched their joint Complaint Handling Code. Following the Social Housing (Regulation) Act 2023, The Housing Ombudsman’s Complaints Handling Code has been updated and is to come into effect this month. The new code provides a single robust set of standards for complaints procedures and handling to be more fair and efficient.

As of 1 April 2024 landlords will have to adhere to the new provisions in the code. For social landlords, including councils, already under the Complaint Handling Code, there will be few changes with main provision of the Code unchanged. For the local government and social care ombudsman the consultation sees a code being introduced for all local government functions, ending the two-tier system with housing management and corporate complaints.

The Ombudsman is urging all landlords to review the new code in readiness.

The revised code can be found here.

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