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Fines for Health and Safety Breaches

February 2012
From April this year the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will start to charge errant businesses for what they call ‘material breaches’ of health and safety law. This is to be called a Fee For Intervention (FFI). Exactly how this is to be interpreted is yet to be announced, but it is understood that the HSE will be charging at the rate of £127 per hour. Estimated costs from the HSE suggest that if businesses are found to be breaching the laws, the costs could start at approx £750.

The idea behind the scheme is that if a business is found to have broken health and safety law then the business, rather than the public purse, will pay the costs incurred by the HSE in helping the business to amend the breach.

When firm details of the scheme are released we will update the Simply-docs site accordingly.

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