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GNU General Public License Version 3


Software licences are designed to govern users’ use of the software products to which they are applied. Many software licences are designed to limit the activities which users may perform. Copying, redistribution and modification are common activities which a licence will restrict. Intellectual Property rights are carefully guarded by such documents. 

Open Source Software is becoming increasingly common. It is now entirely possible to have a fully functional personal computer, suitable for home or business use (and meeting all the needs thereof) using nothing other than open source software. In many cases, the software licences used with such software will be quite different to those used in proprietary software.

The GNU General Public Licence Version 3 is a popular and widely used licence. Users are given far greater degrees of freedom and may create derivative works based on the original software. The GNU GPL further protects the freedoms it creates by requiring any such works to be licensed under the same, permissive (or “copyleft”) terms.

This Open Source Software Licence has been reproduced by Simply-docs with the permission and approval of the Open Source Initiative and is designed to be applied to a wide variety of software. The terms of this software licence may be reproduced and distributed freely; however no modification of its content is permitted. Notwithstanding this, it is permissible to create a new licence based upon the GNU General Public Licence, provided that it is given a new name, preferably reworded, omits the GPL Preamble, and does not refer to GNU. 

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