Form of Declaration (CSD1382) of Eligibility for Newly Appointed Trustees

Trustee Declaration of Eligibility Form CSD1382


This Trustee Declaration of Eligibility Form CSD1382 is a model form produced by the Charity Commission. When any new trustee of a charity is to be appointed, each potential new trustee should sign this form to confirm that all the necessary checks have been made and that they can legally accept the appointment. This form is for the charity’s own records and does not need to be sent to the Commission.

This document should be completed both when the charity is established and is to be registered with the Commission and also subsequently when a new trustee is to be appointed.

When a charity is established and registered with the Commission, the trustees will also need to complete and sign the Trustee Confirmation Eligibility and Responsibility Registration Form CC5c which can also be found in this subfolder. That form then has to be submitted to the Commission unlike this form.

If a charity has been registered with the Commission, and any trustee subsequently resigns or a new trustee is appointed, the charity must notify the Commission online or in the charity’s annual return of that change. There is no form prescribed by the Commission for notification of such changes to the trustees.

This form can also be found on the Charity Commission’s website and is hereby acknowledged.

This template is in open format.

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