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Template Commercial Estate Agent Terms of Business

May 2015

Our portfolio of documents for Estate Agents has been expanded to include Agency Terms and Conditions and Appointment Forms for assignments of commercial leases and freehold sales of commercial properties.

Assignments of Commercial Leases

The new Terms and Conditions and related Appointment Form can be used where the Agent is marketing a property on behalf of a tenant who wants to move out of the property and transfer (or assign or sell) the lease to a new tenant. The Agent’s task is to find a tenant (assignee) to take on the lease.

The Agent’s role will include advertising the property, liaising with the landlord whose approval is likely to be required for an assignment to take place and assisting the solicitors once terms are agreed with the assignee. The Agent will charge commission, often a fixed fee.

Commercial Property Freehold Sales

Our Terms and Conditions and Appointment Forms for freehold sales are for use by Agents and Surveyors handling the sale of a commercial property. The templates are suitable for all types of property, whether vacant or occupied by a tenant. The Agent has sole selling rights and will receive commission if a sale is achieved.

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