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June 2013 Employment Law Changes

June 2013
There are various changes to employment law that have come into effect as of 25 June 2013. They are as follows:

• Whistleblowing Rights are amended so that a disclosure is not protected unless the employee has a reasonable belief that the disclosure is made in the public interest. Whistleblowing can be defined as being when a worker reports suspected wrongdoing at work. This is significant because, if the principal reason that an employee is dismissed is that he or she has made a protected disclosure, then the normal two-year qualifying period for unfair dismissal rights and the cap on any compensatory award are circumvented.

In addition, a disclosure now does not have to be made ‘in good faith’ i.e. the employee could be motivated by money or spite but, in these circumstances, a tribunal has the power to reduce compensation by up to 25%.

The Simply-Docs Whistleblowing Policy has been amended accordingly.

• Changes to Tribunal Procedure Proceedings before the Employment Appeal Tribunal will now be heard by a judge sitting alone.

• The two-year qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims will be removed where the dismissal relates to the employee’s political opinion or affiliation.

• There will be changes to the statutory payments to be made on 6 April each year e.g. statutory redundancy payments. Awards will be rounded to the nearest pound.

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