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Employer’s Guide to Managing Maternity Leave

April 2012
This month, Simply-Docs has added a flowchart which, at a glance, guides employers through the process of managing maternity leave from the point at which the employee tells the employer that she is pregnant, through to the employee’s return to work at the end of maternity leave.

The flowchart has links to the letters to be used at each stage, including an expanded range of maternity-related health and safety documents.

Employers have a duty to protect the health of their employees and, if a pregnant employee’s work could put the employee or her unborn child at risk, the employer has a duty to remove the employee from that risk.

To assist employers in meeting their responsibilities in this regard, Simply-Docs has revised and expanded the Expectant Mother Risk Assessment Form.

When the risk assessment process identifies risks to a pregnant employee’s health which cannot be removed, it may be necessary to offer the employee suitable alternative work or even suspend the pregnant employee on full pay. Simply-Docs have added two new letters: the Alternative Work During Pregnancy Letter and Suspension of Pregnant Employee on Medical Grounds Letter for use in these circumstances.

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