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Safe Driving Policy Including Drug Driving

April 2015

Driving While Under The Influence Of Drugs

The rules about driving while under the influence of drugs have been changed. Now, for the first time, prescription and ‘over the counter’ medicines are specifically included. This means that if you are involved in a road traffic accident and the police have any reason to suspect you are taking any medication which could have contributed to the accident, you can now be tested for prescription medicines.

Updated Safe Driving Policy

Simply Docs has updated and clarified the Driving Policy to include these changes. As an employer you need to make sure that those members of staff who drive during working hours are aware of these rules, so that you do not require or encourage them to drive when they may not be in a fit state.

The updated Driving Policy explains what your responsibilities are if you supply the vehicles, in terms of your expectations of your drivers’ behaviour on the road, maintenance of vehicles etc., as well as details of how to manage a ‘grey’ fleet – vehicles owned by staff but used at work.

The Driving Policy also sets out the drivers’ responsibilities to ensure that their vehicles are roadworthy at all times, to plan their rest breaks and to make sure they keep you informed of any issues that may affect their ability to drive safely.

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