COSHH RA Form template

Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health Risk Assessment Form


This COSHH Risk Assessment Form has been updated to include the new signs which are called pictograms. It follows a similar layout and format to the other risk assessment forms in the Health and Safety folder, but is specifically written to follow the information given in a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Many commonly used substances, whether in the form of a dust, liquid, powder or gas, have the potential to cause harm and before you expose anyone to them you will need to carry out a COSHH Risk Assessment. Even everyday chemicals such as glue bought from a DIY store need to be handled correctly – if it is used in a windowless room the fumes could easily make the user pass out. Or cement, used every day on every building project, if used incorrectly it can cause severe burns.

This COSHH Risk Assessment Form is intended to be used in conjunction with the document Guidance Notes On How To Use A Material Safety Data Sheet.

The guidance note is intended to help with completing the risk assessment methodically, to make sure that the right level of protection is in place. As with all risk assessments it has to be suitable and sufficient, and properly completed.

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