Company Records – What are they?

What are company records?

“Company records” are defined in the Companies Act 2006 as any register, index, accounting record, agreement, memorandum, minute or other document required by the Companies Acts to be kept by a company and any register kept by a company of its debenture holders. They may be kept in hard copy or electronic form, if in electronic form; they must be capable of being reproduced in hard copy. Company records are generally required to be kept at the company’s registered office or SAIL (single alternative inspection location), certain records must be accessible for inspection by the public and some must be filed with Companies House. 

Company records are generally taken to mean:

• records of directors’ meetings;
• records of members’ resolutions and meetings;
• register of members;
• register of directors;
• register of directors’ residential addresses;
• register of secretaries;
• register of debenture holders;
• instruments creating charges and register of charges created before 6 April 2013; and
• accounts and financial records.