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Health and Safety Policy for Commercial Landlords

October 2016

Prevailing low interest rates have meant that over recent years many people have bought property in order to rent it out. Individuals and companies have bought both commercial and domestic property, but many are first time landlords who may be unclear about the duties they now have towards their tenants. So this month, Simply-Docs has produced a Health & Safety Policy for Landlords of Commercial Property.

Commercial landlords have an overriding duty to take reasonable measures to make sure that their properties are healthy and safe places for people to work.

It is commonly understood that if a commercial landlord is renting a property to multiple tenants then the landlord will be responsible for the health and safety of the common areas. In addition, if the landlord exerts any control over the leased areas then they may also have health and safety responsibilities for those areas as well. Generally, the terms of the lease should clarify the extent of the landlord’s control over the leased areas and therefore their responsibility.

Landlords’ key health and safety responsibilities will be in the following areas:

  • Fire Safety;
  • Fixtures and Fittings;
  • Air Conditioning and Heating Systems; and
  • Asbestos.

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