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Extension of Eviction Ban – Commercial Tenancies (Wales)

September 2021

The Welsh Government has extended the moratorium on forfeiture proceedings for commercial leases (for non-payment of rent) in Wales until 25 March 2022. This will give the same levels of protection in this respect for Welsh businesses as those in England.

It remains the case that 554 days’ rent needs to remain unpaid for a landlord to exercise CRAR (the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery regime) during the relevant period (from the 24 June 2021 up until the 25 March 2022). Before the current Covid-19 pandemic, these rights are usually exercisable when there are 7 days’ worth of rent arrears.

Whilst the UK Government has announced its proposals to introduce legislation to ring-fence some commercial rent arrears accrued during the pandemic, the Welsh Government continue to consider what measures they may take regarding commercial rent arrears once the moratorium comes to an end.

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