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Template Document to Produce an ESG Policy Statement

March 2022

A new Environmental, Social and Governance Policy Statement Checklist is now available. This ESG Policy Checklist can help you to plan and write an ESG Policy Statement for your business. It contains a suggested structure for an ESG Policy Statement and it highlights some key ESG areas and objectives which a business might wish to cover in its ESG Policy Statement. It can serve as a starting point for drafting an ESG Policy Statement and it can be tailored to meet the particular needs and circumstances of your business.

Environmental, Social and Governance is a very broad topic which is being increasingly seen as a top priority for businesses. Information is also available on the general subject of ESG, providing helpful background and explanations about ESG issues.

Many businesses are now adopting an ESG Policy Statement to address ESG issues. An ESG Policy Statement serves not only to clarify for a business what its ESG objectives are and should be, but also to record and communicate to its stakeholders and the public generally what its ESG commitments are going forward.

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