Assignment of Registered Business Lease

Deed of Assignment of Registered Lease (TR1)


This Deed of Assignment of Registered Lease on Land Registry Form TR1 can be used to transfer a Lease from one Tenant (the Assignor) to a new Tenant (the Assignee). 

Land Registry Form TR1 is suitable for a Lease that is registered at the Land Registry with its own title number. In general, this means a lease which was originally granted for a term of more seven years. If the Lease is not registered at the Land Registry you can still use this form but you may prefer to use the Deed of Assignment of Unregistered Lease instead.

Check the terms of the Lease carefully before entering into an assignment. Most Leases place restrictions on a Tenant’s ability to assign the Lease. Usually the Landlord’s consent to the proposed assignment is required. See the Assignment Heads of Terms and the Licence to Assign.

Please note that this Deed of Assignment should not be used for an “old lease”, i.e. a Lease granted prior to 1996.

In panel 1, enter the title number(s) of the property – this information will appear on the official copies of the lease’s registered title.

In panel 2, enter the property address.

In panel 3, enter the date on which the assignment takes place. The date should not be entered until the parties have all signed in panel 12.

In panel 4, enter the Assignor’s name and (if applicable) company number.

In panel 5, enter the Assignee’s name and (if applicable) company number.

In panel 6, enter the Assignee’s address(es) for service. Up to three addresses can be given, one of which must be a postal address. An email address could be given as an alternative service address.

Panel 7 can be left as it is.

In panel 8, check the first box if the Assignee has paid a premium for the assignment, and enter the details in the blank space. Check the second box if no premium is being paid.

In panel 9, check the first box to indicate that full title guarantee is given. This means that the Assignor promises (amongst other things) that the Lease is still in place and has not been breached.

Panel 10 can be left blank unless the Assignee is more than one person (e.g. two individuals or two companies as joint owners).

In panel 11 we have inserted some standard assignment clauses.

In panel 12, insert the appropriate execution clauses, depending on whether the parties are individuals, companies, etc, and delete the clauses that are not required.

When the assignment has been completed (by signing and dating Form TR1), an application must be made to the Land Registry to register the assignment of the Lease. See Form AP1 Application to Register Assignment of Lease.

This document can also be found in Samples and Free, in the Property Owners and Developers folder and on GOV.UK

This Deed of Assignment of Registered Lease is in open format. Simply enter the relevant details in the blank spaces and check the boxes where appropriate. The remainder of the form (including the notes) should not be altered as it is in the Land Registry’s standard format.

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