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April 2012 Health and Safety Update

April 2012

RIDDOR (Reporting of Injury, Disease, Dangerous Occurrence Regulations)

In mainland UK from 6 April 2012, the requirement to report over-three-day injuries will change to seven days. From April, you only have to report injuries that lead to a worker being incapacitated for more than seven consecutive days as the result of an occupational accident or injury (not counting the day of the accident but including weekends and rest days). This new report must be made within 15 days of the accident. (Incapacitation means that the worker is absent, or is unable to do work that they would reasonably be expected to do as part of their normal work.)

However you must still keep a record of the accident if the worker has been incapacitated for more than three consecutive days. You should already have an accident book so the entry in this will suffice.

However these changes only apply to England, Wales and Scotland - in Northern Ireland these changes will not come into force until April 2013.

There are also some changes to the reporting requirements for deaths, major injuries, occupational diseases and dangerous occurrences. There is an updated RIDDOR form in the First Aid sub folder.


The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 come into force on 6 April 2012. The main change to the updated Asbestos regulations is that employers carrying out some types of non-licensed work will now be required to notify that work, ensure workers have medical examinations at least once every 3 years and to keep a record of the work done by each worker. Further details are being awaited from HSE – watch this space!

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