Business Documents and Legal Contract Templates

Business Documents

The Business Documents Folder contains a massive range of solicitor drafted, up-to-date and fully editable legal documents to enable businesses to contract and communicate with customers/clients and suppliers. Too often documentation is neglected and businesses fail to protect their revenue and assets until disputes arise.

Prevention is better than cure. Service providers and suppliers of goods want to get paid for what they provide, and customers/clients want to ensure they get what they pay/paid for. These templates will record and clarify the expectations of each party.

The documents are updated regularly, and new versions are constantly added to the portfolio.

Whether you are in need of a service or supply agreement, website or other terms & conditions, a confidentiality agreement, IT and software contracts or any other business document, our extensive range of contracts will provide an affordable solution to all sectors of business.

Business Buy e.g. Terms & Conditions, Sale Contracts, Website Terms and much more. Only £35.00 + VAT!