Terms of Use + New Terms for Sellers and Bidders

October 2017

With so many people wanting to sell on their old things to make room for the latest and greatest, online auctions are a popular means of making a pound or two from possessions of old that would otherwise languish in a drawer. From the perspective of a website owner/operator, then, an auction site is a golden opportunity.

New & Updated Website Terms and Conditions

For those looking to set up such a site, Simply-Docs has now fully re-worked and re-published a complete set of terms and conditions templates. Designed to work together, each document in this set of three covers a different aspect of an auction website: general terms of use, terms for sellers, and terms for bidders.

These documents have been designed to regulate the activity of bidders and sellers using your site while protecting you, and your valuable intellectual property. Your position is that of the provider of the auction facilities, but you are not made a party to any transactions between bidders and sellers.

Payments, both between bidders and sellers and between sellers and you, are addressed. Fees come in either one or two forms with a standard transaction fee (a percentage of the winning bid in an auction) and an optional listing fee (a fixed fee for advertising an item for sale by auction). As to payment methods, it is assumed that you will use a third party payment system, requiring bidders and sellers to enter into a separate agreement with the relevant service provider.

These terms and conditions are designed for use by both businesses and consumers. Different terms are stated to apply where a seller is a business or a private individual, in particular where the “cooling-off” period is concerned, and in terms of the standards to which goods must conform.

The contents of this Newsletter are for reference purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Independent legal advice should be sought in relation to any specific legal matter.