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Apprenticeship Employment Agreement

July 2012
The Simply-docs Apprentice Employment Agreement has been comprehensively updated to comply with the Apprenticeships (Form of Apprenticeship Agreement) Regulations 2012. An apprenticeship agreement is now a requirement for all new apprentices. The apprentice agreement must include a statement of the skill, trade or occupation for which the apprentice is being trained under the relevant apprenticeship framework.

Modern apprenticeships consist of on-site training and work experience provided by the employer and offsite training provided by Skills Councils. They are tripartite relationships and the Simply-Docs Apprentice Agreement reflects this.

Historically, apprenticeships have involved greater responsibilities (and potential liabilities) for employers, the most significant of which was the limited right of dismissal during the apprenticeship. The new Regulations prescribe the form which must be used to enter into an apprenticeship agreement and an apprenticeship agreement that complies with this form can be terminated on notice before the end of the period of the apprenticeship. The Simply-Docs Apprenticeship Agreement complies with this form, so giving more flexibility to employers although, obviously, it is still necessary to follow proper procedures to ensure dismissals by reason of conduct or capability are fair.

The Agreement also complies with the specific rules to be followed when employing a young worker, such as the right to more frequent rest breaks.

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