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Register Residential Addresses Trustees CCLBG

Register of Residential Addresses of Directors (Trustees) of Private Charitable Company Limited By Guarantee


Section 165 of the Companies Act 2006 applies to all companies, including charitable companies limited by guarantee. Section 165 requires the company’s directors (who will also be all of the charity’s trustees) to keep a register of the usual residential addresses of all individual directors/trustees.

This Register of Directors (Trustees) of Private Charitable Company Limited By Guarantee complies with the requirements of section 165 of the Companies Act 2006.

If a trustee’s/director's usual residential address is the same as his/her service address (as that address is stated in the charitable company's register of trustees’/directors), this register need only contain an entry to that effect. This does not apply if their service address is stated to be "The company's registered office" in which case this register must state an actual address.

This register is not open to public inspection.

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