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September 2021

When the Charities Bill passes into law, it will reform a number of areas of charity law. A new set of information pages explaining the main provisions of the Bill are now available. As and when the Bill is amended as it makes its way through Parliament, and again when it becomes law (probably in 2022), these pages will be updated as necessary.

Each information page outlines the proposed changes to a charity law topic set out in the Bill. The topics are as follows:

Background to the Charities Bill. (To see either the Bill itself or explanatory notes on it published by the UK Parliament, click here.)

Proceeds of fundraising appeals. (The current law on this topic is covered by the Guidance Note: Fundraising Appeals By Charities.)

Ex gratia payments. (The current law on this topic is covered by the Guidance Note: Ex Gratia Payments by a Charity.)

Permanent endowments.

Making changes to charity constitutions.

Sale of goods by trustees to their charity and payment for work carried out by trustees.

Disposal of land by charities. (Current law on this topic is touched on in Guidance Note: Charity Property Transactions.)

Miscellaneous other changes to charity law.

If you might be affected by any of these forthcoming changes to charity law, we recommend that you read the relevant information pages. If you consider that anything outlined in them is pertinent to your charity, we recommend that you take professional legal advice as necessary before making any decisions.

The contents of this Newsletter are for reference purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Independent legal advice should be sought in relation to any specific legal matter.

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