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Managing H&S Compliance On Construction Sites

December 2018

Building Site Inspections

This month Simply-Docs has created a new set of forms suitable for use when carrying out building site inspections. The forms include one for inspection of the Principal Contractor (“PC”) and a selection of others for different trades.

The Principal Contractor Inspection Form has been written to allow the inspector to consider all aspects of the works on site that are under the control of the PC. The form covers matters as diverse as having the right paperwork; including the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan, insurances, site notices, appropriate signage etc. and making sure the toilet facilities are adequate.

The individual inspection forms are for a:

  • Groundworks Contractor
  • Brickwork Contractor
  • Plumbing/Heating Contractor
  • Carpentry Contractor
  • Roofing Contractor (which includes external tile hanging)
  • Decorating Contractor

In addition, for situations where the above forms are not suitable, there is a General Contractor Form which can be edited to cover the specific circumstances of the construction site.

All the forms have an Action Plan section, for writing any faults and remedies that are needed.

By using these forms you will be able to demonstrate that you are monitoring your work on site and are taking Health & Safety considerations seriously.

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