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Retail Outlet Health and Safety Policy

November 2015

New H&S Policy For Shops

Simply Docs has added another Health and Safety Policy to their growing list. The new policy has been created especially for those who own or run a shop. It has been written with a family run corner shop or high street/parade shop in mind, but is equally suited to a larger shop or retail unit.

Do You Need A Health And Safety Policy For Your Shop?

If you are an employer, or you are self-employed, you will be responsible for complying with the health and safety laws that apply to your business. For small and low risk businesses the requirements of health and safety law should not be too onerous but need to be complied with to protect your staff, customers and your business.

If you have members of the public using your shop premises, it’s vitally important that you do not leave any potential hazards around. You may know about the cable across the floor to the ice cream freezer, but your customers or delivery drivers may not. So this simple to understand Health and Safety Policy for shops will prompt you to consider the potential risks in your business so that you can effectively manage them.

Your health and safety policy will set out your commitment to managing health and safety in your shop and how you are going to do this. If you have less than five employees in the business then the health and safety policy does not have to be in writing, although having it in a written document has the advantage of being easy to refer to and act upon and is also evidence of your commitment to complying with health and safety law.

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