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Business/Asset Sales

In an asset sale, the ownership of the company that owns the business or assets being sold will not change because unlike a share sale, the shares are not changing hands, rather the buyer is acquiring the assets which make up the business. These can be both tangible (property, land, plant, equipment and stock) and intangible (intellectual property and goodwill) assets.

The sale of these assets will be governed by a business purchase agreement (BPA) and this subfolder contains a template BPA as well as additional documents to support the asset sale process.

Business sales can be complex and it is important to consider a number of factors before embarking on the sale documentation, such as, what assets are being sold, the price to be paid for each asset, the liabilities being accepted by the buyer (as these will not transfer automatically), post-completion restrictions on the seller and the warranties being offered in relation to the assets.

Note that tax is an important consideration in any business/asset sale. Our templates do not address tax matters and it is essential that independent legal and financial advice is sought.

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