Share Capital Guidance Notes

Guidance Notes - Share Capital


This Share Capital Guidance Note is a simple user friendly and practical ‘how to’ guide for company secretaries and company administrators in relation to the key legal requirements governing share capital under the Companies Act 2006.

The Companies Act 2006 made a number of important deregulatory measures in relation to share capital. This guidance note aims to help company secretaries and company administrators understand share capital requirements as well as navigate their way through the procedures involved in managing a company’s share capital and includes the following:

  • Authorised Share Capital – what it is and how to remove it?
  • Issue & allotment of shares – the procedural steps to follow
  • Pre-emption rights – what are they and how can they be dis-applied?
  • Share Transfers – practical issues to consider and follow
  • Transmission of Shares
  • Joint Shareholders.

This guidance note will also link you directly through to all our relevant Share Capital template documents, including articles of association, board minutes, shareholder resolutions, stock transfer forms, share certificates, letters to Companies House and Companies House forms.

This template has been updated as of June 2016 to make reference to the simplification of the statement of capital as part of the changes introduced by the Small Business, Enterprise & Employment Act 2015.

This document is in open format.

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