Freelancer Contract Templates

Freelancer Agreements

Self-employed sole traders often work as freelance contractors in many businesses and professions. Using freelancers in business has many advantages, both for the individual professionals concerned and their client businesses.

Designed for use for a range of professions and businesses, these Freelancer Agreements carefully regulate the relationship between a freelancer and their business clients. These are templates under which the individual freelancer can personally contract with a client.

Each template aims to minimize the risk that HMRC (or employment law) will regard the freelancer as an employee of the client rather than as a self-employed sole trader.

As explained in the information page accompanying each form of contract, use of that (or any other) form cannot actually remove that risk, and so professional advice should therefore be sought. The advice will need to consider the content of the form to be used together with all of the circumstances and arrangements relating to the work, the freelancer, and the client.

Where the client instead contracts with the freelancer’s personal service or other intermediary company rather than with the individual freelancer, you should instead use one of the Freelance (Company) Agreements. Those forms provide for the client to appoint the freelancer’s intermediary company as a consultant.

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