Safe Driving Policy Template

Company Safe Driving Policy


Every employee who drives during working hours is probably ‘driving at work’, whether they are driving to a client meeting, delivering materials, or going to the shops to buy lunch for a staff meeting. A vehicle used for company business is an extension of the workplace, so it is vitally important to make sure that all of these people are working / driving according to your Driving Policy.

This Safe Driving Policy has been drafted so as to cover all employees who drive for work purposes whether it is in a company vehicle, a hire vehicle or their own private vehicle.

This  policy has been updated to take account of the changes in the Law in relation to driving under the influence of prescription or over the counter medicines. These include opiate based pain relief as well as normal cough and cold remedies.

It is particularly important for organisations to ensure that their employees drive safely in light of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, and amendments to the Road Traffic Act which in certain circumstances may mean a driver could be held liable for causing an accident even though they were doing nothing wrong.

Aside from this, the benefits of managing work related road accidents are considerable, and a good safety culture at work can reduce accidents as well as insurance premiums, resulting in staff taking fewer days off through illness and injury and reduced overheads.

This Safe Driving Policy contains the following clauses:

1. Parking tickets and fines

2. Drink and drugs

3. The Driver’s responsibilities

4. Grey fleet

5. Mobile phone

6. Satellite Navigation Systems

7. Journey planning

8. Vehicle maintenance

9. Emergency procedures

This policy is in open format. Either enter the requisite details in the highlighted fields or adjust the wording to suit your purposes.

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