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Fines and Sanctions For Employers and Employees

January 2022

In an effort to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus, the Welsh Government has been recommending, since summer 2021, that workers should work from home wherever possible. With effect from 20 December 2021, however, the rules on home working were tightened and the Welsh Government announced that it is now a legal requirement for employees to work from home. Any individual found to be in breach of these work from home rules, without a reasonable excuse, risks a fine of £60. This doubles for each repeat offence, up to a maximum of £1,920 for the 6th offence after which further sanctions may be given.

Employers will also risk fines for business-related offences (e.g. failure to enable an employee to work from home, where it is reasonably practicable for them to do so) starting from a fixed penalty notice of £1000, up to a maximum of £10,000 for the 4th offence. Employers are also at risk of being issued with improvement and/or closure notices for repeated breaches of regulations.

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