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New standard terms and conditions plus all other Trading documents for only £35 + Vat.

April 2010

When goods and services are being sold, whether to businesses or consumers, it is vital that both parties know where they stand. Terms and Conditions of business should leave no doubt in the minds of suppliers and customers as to their respective rights and obligations. Not only does this make for a smoother, efficient and stress-free transaction, but in the event of things going wrong, it makes life easier for all when resolving problems.

Single A4 Page Terms and Conditions

So much information – so little space! In many cases, documentation is kept to a minimum. Often only a quotation and an invoice will be used with perhaps the occasional email. It is therefore desirable to incorporate terms and conditions into such documents.

Simply-docs have now released a new set of terms and conditions which have been written and formatted specifically to fit onto a single side of A4 paper – ideal for printing on the back of documents. These documents have been based upon our full-size standard terms and conditions and preserve their effect whilst reducing them significantly in size.

Credit Account Terms and Conditions

Your customers may not always want to pay for their goods or your services straight away. (In their ideal world, perhaps never). It is therefore often the preference of traders to offer a simple credit facility whereby customers are able to “pay on account” after goods have been delivered or services have been rendered.

New standard terms and conditions have been created which provide for such a facility. Based on our existing standard terms and conditions of business, these new documents add provisions relating to credit accounts, the eligibility therefor and the use thereof.

In addition to the terms of trade themselves, governing the sale of goods and / or services, a set of Standard Credit Account Terms and Conditions have been created for use as a companion document, setting out the terms of customers’ credit accounts in greater detail.

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