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Employment Contracts - New and Updated

February 2013

Updated Employment Contracts

Our employment contracts have been comprehensively updated and standardised in keeping with best practice. Among the clauses that have been improved are: Holiday, Sickness, Pension, and Termination clauses. Additional clauses including Changes to Terms and Conditions have been added providing better protection for the employer. The updated contracts are more user-friendly with clearly marked optional and alternate clauses making the contracts easier to use and adapt exactly to your needs.

New Employment Contracts

We have added four new employment contracts to the portfolio.

1. Standard Minimum Employment Contract with Enhanced Confidentiality

This employment contract is similar to our Basic Employment Contract in that it can be applied to a wide variety of jobs, particularly junior roles and those requiring only the statutory minimum requirements for a contract. However, it has been created to cover an employee who, while relatively junior, is likely to be given access to confidential or sensitive information.

2. Personal Assistant Employment Contract (Individual Employer) and
3. Personal Assistant Employment Contract (Company)

These two employment contracts are specifically geared towards the employment of a Personal Assistant, either working for an individual or a company. Personal assistants often have access to confidential information about their employers and the Simply-docs contracts include clauses specifically geared towards protecting the employer’s interests in this regard.

4. Fixed Term Employment Contract (Maternity and Sickness Cover)

This Maternity and Sickness Cover Employment Contract is designed to be used where an employee is taken on, on a temporary basis, to cover another employee’s absence through maternity leave or sickness. This contract can be used for a variety of different jobs where such an employee is needed.

A Homeworker Employment Contract has now been added to our employment contracts folder. This Homeworker contract was previously only found in our Home Working Documents section.

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