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New B2B and B2C Versions of Advance/Same-Day Hire, Marquee, Van/Truck, Tool and Plant Hire and Rental T&Cs

July 2016

We have now improved our sets of hire and rental terms and conditions documents making them as user friendly as possible by creating one version designed specifically for business to consumer (B2C) use and one specifically for business to business (B2B) use.

This will be advantageous because:

  • some businesses will only have either B2C or B2B customers;
  • where businesses have both B2C and B2B customers, those businesses may benefit from using separate versions of the terms and conditions;
  • the consumer rights which the B2C versions include protect B2C customers as required by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 but it is not legally necessary (or desirable) for the supplier to provide the same rights to its B2B customers;
  • Under each new B2B version, a B2B supplier undertakes lesser obligations and potential liabilities than it does under the equivalent B2C version;
  • a document which has content relevant to only B2C or B2B customers is easier for the supplier to use, adapt and for its customers to read.

Future additions

During last month, we updated and added B2B and B2C documents covering catering, car repair & maintenance, and car rental. This month we have updated and added B2B and B2C documents covering advance hire and same day hire (general), and marquee, van/truck, tool and plant hire/rental. We will be progressively adding still further documents and so we recommend that you periodically check our “Updates” and “Additions” sections to see documents dealing with other topics.

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