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February 2010

Sick leave and apprenticeships form the focus of this month in the Employment folder.

New Sickness Package

Simply-docs have updated and improved the Sickness and Absence sub-folder including the addition of various new guidance notes and relevant forms.

There are guidance notes to be read alongside our newly updated Sickness and Absence Policy. These explain employers’ and employees’ obligations in regards to Statutory Sick Pay, various other types of absences e.g. jury service and sickness procedures.

We have also compiled guidance notes for employers conducting return to work interviews, so that employers can prepare and conduct such meetings in a reasonable and constructive manner.

In order to help HR departments / HR managers to manage sickness we have compiled a checklist for monitoring employee sickness. This checklist ensures that HR cover basic ground in regards to each employee’s sickness.

Finally we have updated our Absence Self-Certification Form so that employers who wish to claim SSP can use this as an alternative to the statutory form SC2.

New Apprenticeship Contract

When an apprentice starts an apprenticeship with an employer the commitment on both sides is greater than in a normal employee/employer relationship.

The apprentice is likely to be committing to an extended period of time and effort to get on-the-job and external training in a particular profession. In addition the employer is committing to a long period of training with the understanding that once qualified the apprentice will take up a permanent job with them.

Simply-docs have therefore created an Apprenticeship Contract which details these additional obligations and describes the duties and the relationship between the Employer and Apprentice.

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