Medical Questionnaire Guidance Notes

Medical Questionnaire Guidance Notes


The Medical Questionnaire Guidance Notes should be provided to successful candidates with the Medical Questionnaire, long-form or short-form version. The Simply-docs Job Application Form III includes a "Health" clause and refers to the requirement for a pre-employment Medical Questionnaire.

The Notes outline the Company's Health Policy and reinforce the company's Equal Opportunities Policy, and provide information on how to complete the Medical Questionnaire including reference to contact with the candidate's GP and the GP's report. It also states that the information may be used to assess the risk of early retirement and also to assess the need to make adjustments to the workplace for any history of disability.

The Guidance Notes reaffirm compliance to the Equality Act 2010 and the Data Protection Act, given the confidential nature of the information in any completed Medical Questionnaire.

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