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How to register a LP

How can I register a LP?

To register, you must deliver a completed application, Form LP5, signed by all parties to Companies House. The LP will come into existence on registration of an acceptable LP5. The information supplied on the form must include the following:

• the firm’s name including the appropriate name ending – Limited Partnership, LP or its Welsh equivalent;
• the general nature of the business;
• the address of the principal place of business;
• the full name of each partner, listing general and limited partners separately;
• the term (if any) for which the partnership is entered into;
• a statement that the partnership is limited and the description of every partner as such; and
• the sum contributed by each partner, and whether it is paid in cash or otherwise.
Details of current fees are available on the Companies House website. It will usually take between 1 and 5 days for Companies House to process a straightforward application, subject to the acceptability of the name. A same day service is also available at an additional cost.

Changes to any details of the partners must be reported to the Registrar on Form L6 within seven days.
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