How to protect business assets and limit liability

Business Information

It is important that businesses know how to protect and maximise the benefit from their assets, and to limit their liabilities and manage creditors. The following information provides for:

-Debtors & Credit Risk:  Deals with the identification of credit risk, minimising and managing that risk, through to taking legal action to collecting debts.
-Sales Management: Outlines general legal issues for selling including Ts & Cs and contracts, promotion and advertising, import and export, sales networks, and e-commerce.
- Purchase Management: Highlights the legal issues involved in purchasing and how to go about drafting terms & conditions, to leasing and hire purchase, IT and contracting out.
- Creditors & Insolvency: Summarises how to manage exposure to creditors and deal with insolvency.
- Intellectual Property: Information ranges from confidentiality to the protection of inventions, designs, copyright and trade marks.

Business Buy e.g. Terms & Conditions, Sale Contracts, Website Terms and much more.
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