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Working From Home Covid-19 Risk Assessment Form

Risk Assessment Form for Working From Home During the Covid-19 Emergency.


This Covid-19 Home Working Risk Assessment Form has been written in response to the sudden need for many employees to work from home. As an employer, you still owe a duty of care to your staff no matter where they are working and properly carrying out a risk assessment will help you to fulfil your legal duties in this respect.

This risk assessment form covers the hazards that are likely to be found in a normal household where homeworking is not normal practice and includes consideration of the following:

  • Where will the employee set up their desk/workstation so as not to cause excessive interference with family life? Does the employee have a spare bedroom/study or will they work in the lounge or dining room?
  • Most people will have laptops or tablets, but these may not be suitable for long-term use or concentrating on work documents.
  • Is the location of the employee’s IT equipment suitable? Can they set up their computer at the right height? Do they have a suitable chair?

This Working From Home Covid-19 Risk Assessment Form takes account of the fact that during the Covid-19 emergency many more employees are working from home for the first time and it may not be possible for the employer to complete all of the normal risk assessment tasks to set up a suitable home working environment for their employees. It is for use during the period of Government required constraints during the Covid-19 pandemic. Once the necessary Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, if it is subsequently decided that an employee will continue to work from home, then a full Working from Home Risk Assessment should be carried out in the normal way and the full policy document should also be used.

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