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September 2013
Holiday Lettings Documents for Agents

This month we have substantially expanded our range of Holiday Lettings documents.

Our Holiday Lettings folder already covers the letting of houses, flats and static caravans by their Owners. We have now added a selection of templates for use by Holiday Lettings Agents. These include:

• Terms and Conditions that apply where an Agent is appointed by an Owner to manage a property and secure bookings. We offer a “fully managed” version of the Terms and Conditions (where the agent takes full responsibility for repair and maintenance of the property, as well as handling bookings) and a “marketing only” version.
• Tenancy Agreements, Online Booking Contracts and ancillary documents for the Agent to sign on behalf of the Owner (acting as the Owner’s agent).

Campsites and Caravan Parks

In addition, we have added a range of documents relating to Campsites and Caravan Parks. These are suitable for all types of sites, from large permanent sites to a temporary site set up for a particular event. The documents include:

• Licences for campers and owners of touring caravans to pitch at a site. Optional wording is included to cover variables such as electric hook-ups, water and drainage for caravans, payment for use of site facilities etc.
• Terms and Conditions that can be placed on an Owner’s website (or in a brochure) and incorporated into a booking contract made online (or by post). As with the Licences, optional wording is available to cover various scenarios.

Campsites and Caravan Parks are typically informal places, but it is sensible to have a degree of formality in the Owner’s dealings with guests. This will help the smooth running of the Owner’s business and help to maintain the value of his investment.

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