Rights of a Worker Arising from Employee Status

Rights of a Worker Arising from the Status of Being an Employee

If someone is in law an employee, not self-employed, they are entitled to the following, regardless of whether he or she is part-time or full-time:

  • written particulars of employment;
  • unfair dismissal rights;
  • redundancy pay after two years’ employment;
  • notice of termination of employment;
  • itemized pay statements;
  • equal pay rights;
  • maternity, paternity and adoption leave (as applicable) and pay;
  • parental leave and time off for family emergencies; 
  • protection from race and sex discrimination and discrimination on the grounds of disability, age, sexual orientation and religion or belief and protection against less favourable treatment on grounds of part-time or fixed-term contract status;
  • protection from trade union victimization and time off to fulfil trade union duties;
  • protection of employment upon the transfer of a business (TUPE);
  • health and safety protection;  
  • not to have unlawful deductions made from wages;
  • statutory sick pay; 
  • the national minimum wage;
  • paid annual leave entitlement;
  • limitation on working time under the Working Time Directive;
  • right to request flexible working arrangements;
  • right to request to work beyond normal retirement age.