Receipt of Grievance Letter Template

Receipt of Grievance Letter


This Receipt of Grievance Letter is for use to acknowledge receipt of an employee’s formal grievance. The letter advises the employee that an investigation will now be carried out prior to holding a formal grievance meeting.

If a grievance investigation is necessary, the employer should carry this out quickly. A formal grievance meeting should be held without unreasonable delay after the written grievance is received and the investigations are complete.

This letter takes account of the ‘ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures". In handling a grievance, employers should be aware that if a tribunal upholds a complaint by an employee in a situation where the code is relevant, and it is found that either side unreasonably failed to comply with one or more of the code's requirements, the tribunal can, as a result, adjust compensation by up to 25%, either up or down.

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