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Guidance on the Fee For Intervention Scheme

Fee for Intervention Guidance Notes


These guidance notes have been updated in line with recent changes to the FFI process. This system of fining the offending business was initiated by the Health and Safety Executive in October 2012. The system allows the HSE to fine businesses who are found to be breaking health and safety law.

These FFI guidance notes are intended as a user-friendly guide that explains the type of things that the Inspectors will be looking for if they come to your workplace, so that you can make sure that you are compliant, and therefore safe.

The hourly fee that the HSE are currently charging is £129 (please check the HSE website for any rate increases). In practice, this means that if your business is found to be in material breach of health and safety law then you will be charged £129 per hour for every hour that the HSE spend identifying and resolving the material breach. This could end up being very costly for the business. While ultimately seeking to prevent breaches of health and safety law the FFI is also making the offending businesses pay the costs of HSE enforcement.

These guidance notes are based on an extensive document released by the HSE entitled “Guidance on the application of Fee for Intervention (FFI)” and if you require further detail on this matter please refer to the HSE website.

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