Personal Protection Equipment Policy and Document Templates

Personal Protection Equipment Policy and Documents

Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992 impose a duty on employers to provide, assess, maintain, store personal protective equipment and instruct their employees on the use of it. Personal Protective Equipment is commonly referred to as PPE.

In this Personal Protection Equipment sub-folder you will find the basic PPE policy and risk survey, and other forms that will help with the implementation of PPE controls. Personal protection equipment is not only required to be issued by law, but it is in every employer’s interest to offer their staff comfort and suitable protection while they work.

PPE Regulations do not cover hearing and respiratory protection equipment, however this type of protection must be compatible with other issued PPE. Personal Protection Equipment documents can also help you keep track of PPE needs and stock.

PPE policy and forms templates are part of the Health and Safety documents. Access all PPE documents together with all Health and Safety documents for only £35+VAT.