Full Time Contract of Employment Templates

Full Time Contracts of Employment

These Full-Time Employment Contracts have been reviewed and updated to be in line with the new state pension introduced by the Pensions Act 2014 from 6 April 2016. This has resulted in the removal of the contracting out certificate clause.

This sub-folder provides a selection of Full Time Employment Contracts ranging from a Basic Standard Minimum Contract to contracts of employment suitable for senior level staff such as Executive Employment Contract with PILON.

One of the principal differences between these contracts is the exclusion or inclusion of confidentiality, intellectual property-related and restricted covenants, and the complexity of such clauses.

This folder also includes various fixed term employment contracts for different scenarios and other tailored full time employment contracts.

Full-time Employment Contracts are part of the Employment document folder. Get access to all of these documents for only £35+VAT.