Sickness and Absence Policy Template

Sickness And Absence Policy


This Sickness and Absence Policy has been updated in the light of the recent European Court of Justice ruling, which ruled that a worker who is sick during their annual leave is entitled to reclaim their annual leave and use it at a later date, irrespective of whether the worker became sick before or during their annual leave. Clause 5 in the Policy deals with this change to the law.

The policy also includes a more detailed notification procedure for employees to let their employers know that they are sick, and a more detailed return to work procedure.

This document sets out clearly how you will deal with staff sick leave and other absences. A proper Sickness and Absence Policy will help demonstrate to employees that you take sickness and absence seriously and will treat it fairly and consistently.

This policy contains a section on the monitoring of employee sickness. To comply with Data Protection Legislation the employer must have the consent of the employee to keep records of their sickness and reasons for the sickness. This consent is normally covered in each employee’s terms and conditions of employment, but, if this is not the case, the employer should use a separate consent form. A simple consent form is available under related documents.

A Sickness and Absence Policy will often help to increase or safeguard productivity and staff morale, as staff know that they will be supported when they are absent through illness, and that other employees will not be allowed to abuse the policy by taking a sick day when they are not actually ill. This Sickness Policy includes requirements on self-certification and return to work interviews. Self-certificates and Return to Work forms are available from the list of related documents.

This document makes provision for the Company to monitor and record both the amount of absences and the reasons for them. Not only does this help with planning future cover for staff absence and with differentiating between different types of absence appropriately, it will deter abuse of the system as employees know that they must account for their absence.

This policy includes the following sections:

1. Aim of the policy

2. Notification of sickness

3. Certification of sickness

4. Long-term and persistent absence

5. Sickness which occurs while the employee is on holiday

6. Return to Work Interviews

7. Statutory Sick Pay

8. Company Sick Pay

9. Jury service

10. Public duties

11. Emergency, Maternity, Paternity, Parental and Adoption Leave

12. Trade Union

13. Monitoring

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