Parents returning to work

Parents returning to work after extended leave eligible for furlough

As has been well publicised, 10 June was the last opportunity for employers to put employees on furlough for the first time. However, in a further tweak to the furlough scheme, the Government has announced that parents returning to work after statutory maternity or paternity leave remain eligible for furlough even if they are being furloughed for the first time after 10 June. Full details can be found here: .

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) has been extended until October, with additional flexibility to allow flexible furlough working from 1 July. The Government previously announced that claims from July onwards will be restricted to employers currently using the furlough scheme and previously furloughed employees, hence the requirement to furlough staff for the first time by 10 June. On 9 June, however, the Government confirmed that parents on statutory maternity and paternity leave who return to work following a long period of absence will be eligible to be furloughed, even if the date of their return falls after 10 June. Employers should note that this only applies where these employees work for an employer who has previously furloughed employees.