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Letter to CH – Objection Regarding Use of Registered Office Address



As of April 2016, section 1097A of the Companies Act 2006 (as inserted by the Small Business, Enterprise & Employment Act 2015) enables the registrar at Companies House to change an address which a company is not authorised to use, to an alternative. Previously a registered office could only be changed voluntarily by the company itself.

In some cases a registered office address (“ROA”) will be being fraudulently used and third parties may now object to the registrar about a company or LLP’s use of an address as its ROA. If the company or LLP fails to provide satisfactory evidence that it is authorised to use the address, the registered office address will be changed to an alternative address (a PO Box at Companies House).

This objection letter informs Companies House that the author of the letter has become aware that a particular address is being fraudulently or inaccurately used. The objection is most likely to come from a company/LLP/individual whose address is being fraudulently or inaccurately used by another company/LLP as its ROA for which it does not have its authorisation. This letter requests Companies House to start an investigation in accordance with the process set out in the Companies Act 2006.

The registrar may dismiss the application if it has no reasonable prospect of success, but it will otherwise be required to give notice to the relevant company/LLP and state that the registrar will change the address of the company’s ROA to a default address, unless within the specified period, (usually 28 days after the day the notice was sent by the registrar), the company, (1) changes its ROA; (2) objects and provides evidence of its right to use the address; or (3) the applicant withdraws the application.

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