Companies House Form PSC08 – Notification of PSC Statements

Companies House Form PSC08 – Notification of PSC Statements


This Companies House Form PSC08 should be used to notify Companies House (CH) about an additional statement noted in the PSC register. 

Since 26th June 2017, companies need to provide the information on their register to CH within 14 days of making a change to their own register. This information is no longer provided annually to CH via the confirmation statement (CS01). Companies must enter new information on their own register within 14 days and provide the updated information to Companies House within a further 14 days, once they have:

  • become aware of a change;
  • obtained all the information needed; and
  • confirmed the information if it relates to an individual.

Information on a company’s register and the PSC register at CH must be kept up to date.

This form should not be used if an individual PSC is applying or has applied for protection from having their details disclosed on the public register.

This document can also be found on Companies House website,

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