COSHH Safety Data Sheets for Hazards & Chemicals

Chemical Substances (COSHH) Safety Data Sheet


The COSHH Safety Data Sheets should be used to enable an employer to assess the severity and extent of harm that could be caused by each substance in the form it is or could be present; in the quantity or concentration in which it is or could be present; in combination with any other substance; in the work that is required; and any other factors identified in health and safety information from manufacturers of substances, research establishments, the health and safety executive or other official sources, as well as academic, scientific, medical, professional and other knowledgeable sources.

The COSHH sheet provides information sections for:

• General information and responsibility
• Usage of substance
• Supplier’s recommendation for use
• Fire hazard data information
• Hazardous exposure to be reduced/avoided
• Precautions
• Properties of substance
• Alternative substance
• Action required