Documents and forms for administering a CIO

Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Administration

If you are setting up a new CIO, or are involved in running an existing CIO, you will need to use a number of standard administration documents on a day-to day basis.

These Charitable Incorporated Organisation administration documents have been designed specifically for use by a CIO. They are intended to help you comply with the particular charity law requirements applicable to CIOs, to run your CIO properly and efficiently, and to save you time.

By using these administration documents, you will be able to maintain full and accurate records of all current and previous trustees and members, to deal with applications for membership and with trustee and member resignations, to arrange for written members’ resolutions to be passed, to produce minutes of trustees’ board meetings, and to issue certificates of membership.

The forms of document in this subfolder are based on similar forms used by private companies (i.e. companies limited by shares and companies limited by guarantee), but they are adapted to recognise the differences between a company and a CIO and the different legal rules which apply to them.

These administration documents have been produced for you to accompany the existing folder of CIO model forms of constitution and CIO guidance notes.

These Charitable Incorporated Organisation Administration Documents are part of the Corporate Documents Folder. Just £35.00 + VAT will provide you with 1 year's unlimited access to download all/any documents from the Corporate Folder.