Gift Aid Declaration Form – Single Donation

Single Donation Gift Aid Declaration Form


A charity or CASC can give a copy of this Single Donation Gift Aid Declaration Form to any individual wishing to make a one off donation of money to the charity or CASC. This Form contains the necessary content to enable a charity or CASC to claim Gift Aid repayments on such one off payments received by it from a donor.

The charity or CASC should customise this Form by inserting the necessary detail about the charity or CASC in its footer, and it may also add its logo at the top right.

A donor can use this Form where he is a UK taxpayer, and then the charity or CASC can reclaim from HMRC the basic rate tax amount on his donation.

When complete, the donor should return the Form to the charity or CASC.

If an individual is instead making multiple donations to the charity or CASC, the charity or CASC should not give this Form to him/her, but should instead give him/her a copy of the accompanying Multiple Donation Gift Aid Declaration Form.

The required wording for this Gift Aid form changed from September 2015 but the previous version may be used until 6 April 2016. This new Single Donation Gift Aid Declaration Form is simpler than the previous version and it highlights the donor’s responsibility for any difference (in the relevant tax year) between the tax paid by the donor and the amount of Gift Aid claimed.

The actual wording required for the Single Donation Gift Aid Declaration Form is shown in plain type, and guidance for any additional wording required is in italics.

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