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H&S Policy Templates For Nursing Homes, Hotels and Bed & Breakfast Establishments

August 2014
Simply Docs has created two new sets of industry specific Health and Safety Policies along with their supporting documents; the Health and Safety Statement and Health and Safety Arrangements and Procedures.

Hotels and Bed & Breakfast Establishments

New Policies and Statements for those who work in the hospitality sector by running Bed & Breakfast /Guest Houses or small Hotels. These policies ask you to consider the things you may take for granted but which you will need to address to ensure the safety of your clients/guests and your staff.

Residential Care Homes

On a similar theme of looking after people, we have also written a new set of policy documents specifically for those who run a residential home and supply care, respite or nursing services. Those who run such homes will have to satisfy the Care Quality Commission as well as other health and safety regulations and these documents will assist the business in ensuring its compliance with legislation and the safeguarding of its employees, residents or patients and their guests.

As with all our documents, these are fully editable to allow you to add or delete anything that is not appropriate for your business. So whether you run a 5 or 30 bed home, these new policies will be able to help you ensure you have fulfilled your health and safety obligations.

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