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Guidance Note – Formalities for signing contracts

Guidance Note: Formalities for Signing Contracts


This Guidance Note on the Formalities for Signing Contracts is a practical guide to getting it right when it comes to signing contracts as contracts are only valid if they are executed and signed correctly.

Nearly all contracts whatever they are designed to do, will be made in writing. This document covers the different types of written contracts you can have (“simple contracts” and “deeds”) and explains the differences between them and why you may need to use one instead of the other. It also helpfully sets out the different signature blocks in a contract that different entities (individuals, companies, attorneys, partnerships and LLPs, etc.) need to use when signing contracts.

The execution provisions for companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) conform to the prescribed form required by the Land Registry for all deeds registrable with it. Whilst this may not be relevant to our business templates, in the interests of consistency and accuracy across our portfolio, this reflects the Land Registry prescribed form.  

The Land Registry has strict requirements for documents submitted to it. You are advised to check their guidance at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/execution-of-deeds , or seek advice from a legal professional, before drafting and executing any document that is to be submitted to the Land Registry.  

This document is in open format.

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